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Mmmmmm Sweets!!

This line of cheesecakes contain, and will be decorated with, your favourite sweets or chocolate bars.

The cheesecake is light and creamy in texture, but your favourite sweets or chocolate bars form the flavours.

The bases are digestives, but will also contain the selected flavour wherever possible!

So…let your imagination run wild…what will it be…some ideas from past experience include:-

Oreo Cookie
Chocolate Orange
Lemon Sherbert
Creme Egg

Don’t forget…we can provide a generous sample posh cheesecake for only £7.50

Additional information

Sweet Shop Cheesecakes

4.5" sample (serves up to 4),, 7.5" (serves approx. 10-12),, 9" (serves approx. 14-16)


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