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Clear allergen information is incredibly important. You can find out what is in our products, via the allergen chart below. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – please just contact us before ordering if you have any specific concerns.

A clean and safe environment in our kitchen is absolutely paramount. It ensures that you, our customers, are safe. You can then enjoy your desserts, safe in the knowledge we have reduced any risks to an absolute minimum.

We are a small home based business. As part of our commitment to our business and our customers, we have invested in a separate prep and storage area. This is set up purely for business use. We only use the oven and hob in our personal kitchen, everything else happens within the business kitchen area. This keeps cross contamination risks to a minimum.

Some things we do to keep you safe –

  • Carry out full rolling risk assessments and cleaning schedules (SFBB)
  • Comprehensive training and supervision
  • Monitor and record fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Temperature monitored deliveries
  • Only use high quality, fast acting anti bacterial sprays which conforms to BS EN 13697 or BS EN 1276
  • Level 3 food hygiene certification
  • Constantly review ingredients and suppliers for allergen specifics
  • Ensure the risks of cross contamination are kept to a minimum.

Our products and allergen information –

Feel free to download the allergen chart below to find out about our products allergens.
Please note – even after all the precautions we take, our kitchen handles many of the allergens listed. This means that we can never guarantee that any of our products are completely free from any allergen.
Some of our cheesecakes are set using Pork gelatine making them unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Please do contact us BEFORE ordering, if you have any specific requirements.