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We provide desserts in Pickering, North Yorkshire. We are ZAKShomemade.

With a love for catering (and in particular cheesecakes) we offer delicious, freshly prepared desserts in Pickering for sale to the local population and businesses.

We’d love to share our cheesecakes with everyone, but they don’t post very well! This means, at present, we can only service our local areas. We define this as the postcode areas YO12, YO13, YO17, YO18, and YO62.

We offer FREE delivery within the Pickering (YO18) area, and low delivery charge to the other local postcodes, or FREE for orders over £25.

Our ethos –

Desserts are great.
We’re constantly told we need to “watch what we eat”, so we make sure that the desserts we provide are made with only the best quality ingredients.

EVERYTHING is made fresh, to order. We use fresh British double cream, high quality real fruit purees, “Callebaut” Belgian chocolate, and when required (for example in our non alcoholic grown up flavours) only the very best natural flavourings.

We can’t pretend that our desserts are best for your waist line. Eat them in moderation, and jolly well enjoy every mouthful!

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So….now you know the basics, check out our shop, or our gallery. If you need to know anything else, please feel free to contact us.